Doctor & Patient Testimonials

Pantops Physical Therapy works closely with you and your doctor, every step of the way. It’s rewarding for us to help people get back to their healthy lifestyles quickly.

I am pregnant and reaching my last few weeks before child birth. My physical therapist, Laura helped me tremendously with the aches, pains, and complications of my pregnancy. Physical Therapy really works when implemented as instructed! Thanks!Sara (mom-to-be)

I have complete confidence in sending even my most complicated patients to Pantops Physical Therapy. Jamie provides excellent care for my patients, and they have been very pleased with the caring and friendly atmosphere.R.S. (MD)

You guys rock! I am trying to run in the 4 miler and have had a groin pull. You have pushed, pulled, massaged and exercised that leg back into shape. Jamie, Kristen, & Lindsey are awesome. Thanks for encouraging me to keep running and still taking care of that injury. Race day is tomorrow-and I am ready!  Thanks so much, too to all the techs who put on the heat and ice and offer encouragement as well! Patti Clifford, (RN/patient)

As a professional athlete, I’m really impressed with Jamie’s expertise as well as the equipment and size of the facility. I’m a referee with Major League Soccer, so I have seen some of the top physical therapy centers around the country. Pantops Physical Therapy is among the finest. Whenever I have an injury, big or small, I’m confident in coming to see Jamie for therapy.Steve Taylor (MLS Soccer)

Pantops Physical Therapy provides excellent care and service to my patients with rehabilitation needs. They work closely with me to ensure a team approach on the treatment plan.Ann Klecan (MD)

Before I started working with Lindsey at Pantops Physical Therapy & OT, I was struggling with left shoulder pain. It was causing me problems with day to day life and sleep disruption. Since Lindsey, started working with me I have found that the pain has lessened and my range of motion and strength as improved. I am a repeat customer here. Whenever I have had an MD recommend PT, I have always come here. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff wants the patients to succeed. They constantly check with you to see how you are doing. Wonderful staff and a great place to come! B. Baker (patient)

Pantops Therapy has helped me a lot and I thank them for everything they have done for me. They are the sweetest people, funny and caring. They are great. Before I started to work with Kristen, I was struggling with pain and turning my neck. It was hard to drive and sleep. Kristen started to work with me and I have found that I can now make it through the day. I have seen lots of progress. Anthony Horton (patient)

I love Pantops Physical Therapy! The people are just wonderful! I am so glad I have this place. They help me keep the motion that I have and I am so thankful for that!! Pantops P.T. keeps me going! I tell everybody what a wonderful place this is! Yvonne Park (patient)

Laura Panzarella has been my physical therapist since I moved here, and she has helped me gain strength in my upper and lower body. She is the most helpful therapist I ever went to. The assistants are also excellent. The staff is caring and always available if I have any questions. I am thankful to have Pantops P.T. in Charlottesville, VA. Sherry L. (patient)

I never had vertigo before and when it hit, I was petrified! My doctor sent me to Jamie for treatment. I was skeptical before the first treatment. But after that session was over, the dizziness was gone! Jamie showed me how to do the maneuver at home, if I ever needed it. And of course, I was always welcome to come back. Thanks Jamie, for getting me back on my feet. Patti Clifford (RN/patient)

Before I started working with Kristen, I was struggling with my new total knee replacement. It was causing me lots of pain and immobility. Everyone at Pantops P.T. has helped me so much. I am finally  getting back to my former self. I have had the opportunity to work with almost every therapist there and each one game me more insight and encouragement.  The techs are awesome and knowledgeable! I am now able to compete again at the hunter horse shows. Elizabeth Larney (patient)

I was struggling with moving/using my right shoulder, before I started working with Jamie. It was causing me severe pain in any activity. Since Jamie started working with me I have found that I have more mobility and strength. I am able to do more activities without pain and my hitting in softball has improved. My swing is stronger and my throwing has become easier. I am also able to lift a gallon of milk without pain in my shoulder. Everyone here is so helpful and caring. They make PT more fun, rather than work! I almost don’t want to end PT because I enjoy everyone so much. Thank you. Amy Collins (patient)