Diabetic Rehabilitation

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that results from complications with insulin, which creates elevated plasma glucose levels and disturbances in metabolism that can lead to further complications. Managing diabetes requires dietary awareness and changes, along with proper exercise. Progressive resistance exercise is one form of exercise that has been suggested to improve glycemic control. It is also beneficial to provide appropriate aerobic exercises to safely manage the glucose levels.

With Diabetic onset there can be damage to the peripheral nerves (nerves that connect to the spinal cord). Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and can cause balance loss.  Physical Therapy exercises and the use of Anodyne Therapy can help. Anodyne therapy consists of infrared light therapy to the treatment area. This device can help increase circulation, reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. Pantops Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy has had successful outcomes from the use of Anodyne Therapy for patients.

Anodyne Therapy