Neck & Back (Spine Program)


Our Spine Program is highly specialized.

We are fortunate to have therapist with extensive, postgraduate training and certifications to treat many conditions of the spine. We have therapists with McKenzie Certification, Mulligan Training,  and most have 15 -20 years of experience.  Most importantly, we  work you each individual patient to establish a plan that will work.

We have worked very closely with area surgeons and pain management experts to establish this program.  Our hands-on-experience is our most valuable asset and is what has earned us their trust.   Based on their advice, we have also purchased the best and most effective equipment available.  We will keep your referring physician aware of your progress and make recommendations or further referral as necessary.

Our therapist will instruct you on proper lifting techniques, posture, body mechanics, and daily functioning to minimize pain and risk to injury. It is important to find muscle imbalances that can put abnormal pressure on the disc wall or the facet joints. Poor sitting posture and abdominal weakness can cause disc injuries and a sway back posture  can lead to facet injuries. Our therapist are highly recommended by many local physician groups.