Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine


When you choose our clinic, you start with the services of one of our board-certified physical therapist and occupational therapist. Our multidisciplinary therapist are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic injuries and disorders. Whatever your orthopaedic need, including surgical or non-surgical treatment of fractures, injury of spine or upper/lower extemeties, our  team has the knowledge and skill to focus on eliminating pain and restoring maximum functionality and strength. We will work tightly with your referring physician and their protocol. It is important that your care is communicated effectively.

Post Operative Programs.

Our Total Joint Surgery Program,(Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Ankle) will start three months prior surgery to prepare the joint for better outcome. We follow evidence based protocals for protection and maximum results. This care is continued until goals are met and function is restored. We also see patients following many other surgical procedures. We have therapist that specialize in different extremities and have extended their education within the particular body part.

Sports Medicine.

We have many therapist that are either Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), and or Certified Sports & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). We can provide athletes with the skills they need to get back in the game. Minimizing risk and injury prevention are important key factors which can be determined with our thorough screenings and assessments. We make sure that athletes are ready to go back to their sport with specific sport training exercises. Some of our therapist have many years of pediatric experience. We can also provide kinesiotaping techniques, athletic taping, bracing, ace wrapping, orthotics, custom splints, and or padding if needed.  We will also work with the athlete to develop a solid performance enhancement and continued therapy program to maintain at home.

Runner’s Injury Program.

We have therapist that personally have years of running experience. They are experts on gait analysis, and have knowledge of proper foot mechanics and positioning. It is important that athletes develop proper strengthening programs to avoid injuries. We have treadmills that decline, so that patients can train the eccentric muscles of the legs. James Collins, PT CSCS, at Pantops Physical Therapy has assisted with many Charlottesville non-profit races, along with the Women’s and Men’s 4 Miler Training Programs.