Safe at Home Program

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The Safe at Home program is designed to improve the safety and quality of life of seniors living independently. Although the evaluation includes assessment of the home, particular attention is focused upon a thorough strength, balance and fall risk assessment. We believe this portion of the evaluation is crucial to safe, independent living. After all, to live safe at home, a senior must also be safe out of the home. Therefore, while our program includes home modification recommendations, the focus is on modifying the individual, not the home. In essence, we believe in combining individualized fall prevention exercises with research driven safety modifications. The plan will help create a safer, community dwelling senior. It will be established by a licensed physical or occupational therapist and may include the following:

  • Evidence based fall risk assessment
  • Instruction on proper gait and adaptive device use/recommendation
  • Body mechanics training for safe transfers
  • Education for caregivers regarding transfers and bathing
  • Flooring and lighting evaluation and education
  • Strength assessment
  • Individualized exercise prescription
  • If necessary, remodeling and renovation recommendations and point of contacts for coordination of project by a certified, local Aging in Place contractor
The result of the evaluation will be a prioritized list of recommendations (see sample on following page). The goal is to create an environment that instills confidence and minimizes the risk of falling. We aim to allow the participants to complete daily activities, both in their home and in their community, without a fear of falling. Ultimately, the goal is to be Safe at Home.