Certified Hand Therapy

The elbow, wrist and hand share a delicate and intricate relationship. The bones and muscles of the lower arm must move in an exact rhythm with one another for prime efficiency. When the lower arm does not work as a precision instrument, certain muscles and bones are over worked. When this happens, muscles break down leading to tendinitis. Further, as the muscles fatigue, the small joints in the hand may be predisposed to arthritis. The hand and wrist are a complex unit that requires specialized care. For that reason, the certified hand therapist must complete a grueling apprenticeship. Our Hand Therapy Program is under the direction of Patricia Stevens, MS, OT/L, CHT.

Pat Stevens has been a Certified Hand Therapist/CHT (since inception 1991). She has been treating occupational therapy patients for over 30 years. Pat is extremely knowledgeable regarding the upper extremity. She will work closely with your referring physician to maintain a team approach to your treatment.

Our Certified Hand Therapist will make a customized splint to fit the individual patient. Pat has extensive experience in splinting for various diseases and injuries. Each splint is individually made using a scientific approach to design and with great concern for individual anatomical and pathological difference. Pat attended the “2013 Comprehensive Review in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery” sponsored by the America Society of the Hand in Chicago, IL. This course provided the most recent research and evidenced based practices for the medical and surgical treatment of the upper extremity. Pat continues to value education and recently attended the “2015 American Society of Hand Therapist 38th Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. “Hand therapy logo