Women’s Health

The Women’s Health Program is under the direction of Laura Panzarella, DPT.  An active member of the Women’s Health section of the American Physical Therapy Association, Laura has long-standing interest in addressing the special needs of women of all ages. She has attended numerous seminars in this specialty area and has received specialized training in pelvic floor biofeedback. Comprehensive and compassionate care is always provided in a private setting.

Laura Panzarella, DPT,  has over 10 years of experience compassionately dealing with individualized programs to meet the health challenges specific to women. We have created a specialized, private treatment room that has its own lavatory to create comfortable surroundings. Laura utilizes state of the art biofeedback systems and treatment tables. Most of all, however, she has the experience to properly and thoroughly treat each individual.

Laura has years of experience with treating breast cancer patients. She has gone to extensive training seminars for treating lymphedema patients. She has participated is many

Pre-pregancy and post pregnancy pain.

Osteoporosis pain is also include in our Women’s Health Program.

Treatment may include one or a combination of the following options:

Therapeutic exercises are used to strengthen and coordinate pelvic floor muscles (includes Kegel exercises) and other muscles that support your pelvis. Techniques such as massage and mobilization are used to help restore normal function to muscles, joints, and soft tissue of the pelvis. Specialized devices including biofeedback, electrical stimulation and weighted vaginal cones are used to strengthen and tone muscles of the pelvic floor. They can also be used to reduce muscle tension and pain. Learning to regulate voiding intervals and minimize irritants is part of a bladder-training program. Therapist will help you re-train your bladder and modify your daily routine to minimize risk of leakage or urgent trips to the restroom.

This program includes the diagnosis of urinary incontinence (all types), pelvic pain, pelvic floor weakness, pre and post partum back pain, osteoporosis, and lypmhedema. Laura is happy to speak with you if you have any questions.