Worker’s Compensation

We have successfully treated thousands of injured workers.  We pride ourselves on accessibility and can get the worker seen by a therapist as soon as the physician desires. We can schedule workers within 24-48 hours of receiving a referral. Our program emphasizes close communication between the worker, the therapist, the referring physician and the case manager.  We strive to get the worker back to work safely and quickly.  While we have sleek, sophisticated equipment, some of our most functional is the simplest.  We create an environment as job specific as possible.  This individualized care means that we use ladders, buckets, vacuums and even hammers.

We can complete a comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) when requested. The worker is evaluated in one day and the test includes measures for both reliability and validity. FCE’s are designed to establish safe levels of functional exertion for workers who are recovering from injury. Evaluation addresses specific questions presented by the referral source. This evaluation may consist of assessment of strength, flexibility, endurance, and body mechanics. Worker’s will be evaluated on functional activities such as pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, reaching and gripping. Testing will be performed by a licensed Physical Therapist and usually takes 3-4 hours. Due to scheduling, it is crutial that the individual make the appointment on time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to evaluation for paperwork to be filled out. Worker’s need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Cancellation of this evaluation less than 24 hours will require payment from worker.

Pre-Employment Screening
Prevention of injuries on the job site begins with hiring practices of some companies. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, our screenings will assess the applicant’s physical capacity to determine safety when performing essential functions of the job.

Job Site Analysis
This evaluation is used to determine the specific demands and requirements of a particular job. It describes in detail the frequent job tasks and essential functions that correlate with the job. Ergonomic Evaluations can also be used to address onsite assessment of work environment. Our therapist will evaluate and recommend changes in work spaces to help reduce the likelihood of injury.

Work Conditioning
Work Conditioning is a work related program that is intensive and goal oriented. It is aimed to optimize the client’s physical capacity and function to return to work safely. The program is designed to restore the worker’s strength, endurance, flexibility, movement, cardiovascular function, and motor control. We make sure that the worker is physically able to perform their job safely and minimize injury.

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